• Another New Design


    It’s a new design, yes it is! This site gets more visual updates than it does blog posts but that’s where we’re at currently. What follows is a brief write up about the decisions that went into reworking the design of this site and what is to come.

  • I'm Virtual Now


    Guess ‘now’ is relative with working at home for the last two years. As of yesterday I no longer have a desk at an office that I could return to when this whole pandemic blows over.

    I have a new role, responsibilities, and more people relying on me than I ever have before. This requires me to make fewer explorations into pet projects. In the past I could find some faster way of doing something work related but now I need to delegate that activity to someone else.

  • Time for a Change

    change-image The changes to this site now are strictly cosmetic but it is interesting to play with the capabilities of Sass and CSS. I’ve been unenthusiastic about the previous color scheme for a while so this is a nice brighter setup.

  • Take it Home With You


    The next two weeks are going to be exceedingly difficult not to bring work home. I’m prone to work through things I’m working on at work while I’m at home. This usually stays to the realm of talking through possible solutions or planning my day or week ahead of time.