I’m still learning all about Jekyll and Gulp. Today for example I’ve tweaked my gulp process to properly build, serve, and watch using Jekyll in my gulpfile.js. The gulpfile.js is where you setup all your processes, it automates your build process.

My current process includes the following:

  1. ‘delete’ clears out the previous build
  2. ‘style’ compiles Sass, creates on CSS file, and minifies the file
  3. ‘script’ uglifies and compresses javascript files
  4. ‘html’ minifies html files
  5. ‘images’ compresses images
  6. ‘jekyll’, ‘jekyll-serve’, ‘jekyll-watch’ builds and serves the Jekyll installation
  7. ‘watch’ looks for changes and will rerun any of the previous sections to keep the files up to date.

This project is very small at the moment but I can definitely see these tools coming in handy when a project gets larger.